More secure, reliable and auditable power source lockout/tagout

The SLOCK ensures security and auditability by eliminating excess padlocks, integrating your automation systems and optimizing time in the lockout/tagout and unlocking process

The SLOCK is already a reality in several industries

Increase lockout/tagout security by adding more protection to your process

Employees do not follow the defined process?

Individualized access with Facial Recognition

Automatic Control of Lockout Boxes

Identification of energy sources by QR Code

Industry 4.0

Welcome to Industry 4.0

The SLOCK will revolutionize your industrial plant, making your lockout/tagout and connected.

In your routine

Does locking-out/tagging-out your equipment generate constant inconvenience for you and your team?

Too many padlocks and tags

Difficulty identifying which devices are blocked and why

No confirmation on the effectiveness of the lockout/tagout


Your auditable lockout/tagout and secure process.


Individual and non-transferable

Through facial recognition, the slock checks the individuality of each person and their permissions in a lockout/tagout.


Double check energy sources by QR Code

Operators need to confirm energy sources by QR Code, avoiding blockage of wrong sources.


Connected with the plant

Perform effectiveness tests and create logical interlocks directly in PLC programs for the equipment involved with the lockout/tagout


Auditable on all actions

All lockouts actions taken are recorded and can be accessed through dynamic reports.

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